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The Pita Bread Pizzas - Menu

Cheese Only

Pita $7.80Gluten Free $11.05Cauliflower $12.30
(Optional) Pizza Cheeses:Feta Cheese +$1.85Blue Cheese +$1.85Arris' Pizza Cheese +$1.85
(Optional) Pizza Extras:Sun-Dried Tomatoes +$1.50Roma Tomatoes +$1.50Scallions +$1.50Green Peppers +$1.50Red Onions +$1.50Artichoke Hearts +$1.50Baby Spinach +$1.50Fresh Basil +$1.50Roasted Garlic +$1.50Fresh Mushrooms +$1.50Black Kalamata Olives +$1.50Jalapeños +$1.50
(Optional) Pizza Meats:Pepperoni +$2Breakfast Bacon +$2Canadian Bacon +$2Ground Beef +$2Arris Greek Sausage +$2
(Optional) Pizza Premium Toppings:Gyro +$2.80Shrimp +$2.80Chicken +$2.80
(Optional) Pizza Sauces:BBQ Sauce +$1.60Homemade Red Pepper Hummus +$1.60Alfredo Sauce +$1.60Extra Virgin Olive Oil +$1.60